We have integrated the Sustainable and Regenerative Agriculture approach with farming and grazing practices, which support carbon sequestration in order to improve the biodiversity and create long-term environmental benefits such as contributing to the combat with climate change.   Sustainable agriculture approach aims at procuring our valuable natural inputs from renewable energy resources and minimizing the harmful effects on the ecosystems beyond a single field. It aims high quality production in sufficient quantities within harmony with nature, in accordance with sustainability criteria. Sustainable agricultural practices also aim at scaling up the economic contributions. Its priorities also include raising community awareness and providing benefits.


  • To improve the soil health and prevent soil erosion
  • To use water resources efficiently
  • To minimize water and air pollution
  • To boost carbon sequestration in our soil and trees
  • To reinforce resilience against climate change
  • To keep fuel&energy consumption at minimal levels
  • R&D in every stage, focused on innovation
  • Integrated Management Systems - Efficient supply chain
  • Employment support for local community
  • Raising awareness of local farmers
  • Equality and ethics in workplace
  • To encourage biodiversity