We, as BAKLAN MEYVECILIK VE SOĞUK HAVA DEP. İŞLT. A.Ş., embarked upon our agricultural journey when we started in 2015 fruit growing on our 220-hectare lands in the Kula and Salihli districts of Manisa city. Started with walnut, we have ever been expanding our product range by adding almond, strawberry and olive gardens.
Infrastructure investments of our corporation are stable and sustainable. With help of our in-house Smart Farm Management Software for agricultural applications, we are providing a special care to each of our 36,000 individual fruit trees. 

More than just farming; Regenerative Agriculture

We launched a sustainable regenerative agriculture approach thanks to our holistic and regenerative applications. With this approach, we focus on important issues such as soil improvement, boosting CO2 Sequestration capacity of the soil, efficient use of the water resources, and increasing biological diversity.
BAKLAN MEYVECILIK, carry out our activities driven by a mindset that places respect to soil and environment, while ensuring a sustainable life and future.
We meet the expectations of our suppliers and customers with products we grow to the highest standards by playing an active role in every step while ensuring traceability and transparency in every stage.