We do not till our soil. We are protecting vegetation and tree diversity in our lands covered with naturally growing trees and plants. . We have been increasing above soil and subsoil biodiversity every passing day.

We boost organic content of the soil through regular application of the organic contents and worm manure.

With our poultry and sheep in our farm, we adopt the holistic agriculture mindset.

We meet energy requirement of all our processes from our renewable environment-friendly solar farms.

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    Soil Organic Matter Content We have boosted soil organic matter content by 2.5 times compared to the results in 2015
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    Annual Soil Carbon Sequestration CapacityCarbon sequestration capacity has increased by 250% since 2015; every 1% increment in soil organic content means around 2.5 ton more carbon sequestration in 0,1 ha soil.
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    Annual Soil Water Holding Capacity Water Holding Capacity has increased by 240% since 2015.
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    Annual Carbon Sequestration Capacity of TreesWith 26,000 tree planting, we facilitated 5,100 ton Carbon Sequestration in the forested area.
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    Solar Farm investment also prevents CO2 releases. With 3.2 MWh Solar Farm investment in 2022, we aim at preventing 4616 Ton CO2 release in 2023.
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    BiodiversityIncreased organic matter content in the soil also significantly increases both plant and animal biodiversity, above soil and subsoil.
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    Drip Irrigation SystemEnables water savings of up to 70% compared to conventional irrigation methods.